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Tostado’s food comes from recipes handed down the generations in the León family. The current guardian of these recipes, 93 years old MamáPia has cooked these dishes over seven decades, honing them and expanding her knowledge of true Ecuadorian food over that time, to the delight of her children who have never strayed far from her table.

Her 12 children wanted to preserve this legacy, so that MamáPia could leave behind a lasting memory of her life in the kitchen. Tostado is the living expression of this, meaning not only are these recipes preserved, but shared with Londoners and all those who are yet to discover the delicious secret that is traditional Ecuadorian food.

The food

Ecuador offers a great gastronomy, enriched from the diversity of the Andes mountains, rainforest and the Pacific coast’s Flora & Fauna. A land that boasts beautiful landscapes, different ecosystems and micro-climates, that feed its wealth of culinary tradition. The indigenous foodstuffs of the Incas such as corn, plantain, quinoa and potato are fused with herbs, spices and ingredients brought along by the Spanish.

Tostado’s food is typical of the dishes found in the Andean region of the country, which produces a unique blend of exotic tastes, smells and textures. Soup and ceviche are unquestionably two of the country’s specialities, and we have made these the central feature of our menu. Small portions of tasty chorizo, menestras and rice are available, whilst our salads, fruit and juices represent the freshness and exotic nature of Ecuadorian cooking.

Soups made of quinoa, potatoes and maize are so prized that they feature in just about all lunches and dinners. In fact, so good are they that Ecuadoreans would be at a loss, were they to be missing from a meal.

Fresh prawns and fish are another Ecuadorian speciality and they find no greater expression than ceviche. Once cooked they are marinated with red onion and lime juice, garnished with chopped tomato and fresh herbs, then eaten with salted popcorn, fried plantain and of course tostado (tostado comes from the tradition of serving roasted corn “maíztostado” with main meals). It was originally given to the Inca governors who ruled Ecuador towards the end of the Inca Empire.

If you have a hangover, ceviche is often used as a miracle cure. In Ecuador, it is served the morning after with a cold beer and everyone swears by it.

We invite you to come and experience the rich and exotic culinary heritage of Ecuador that is Tostado.

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